3D origami Shark

                      I want to introduce a new model 3d origami3D origami shark ,this 3D origami model is 32 cm long . This modular origami is made from 6 red pieces , around 1110 grey pieces , 32 black pieces and around 400 white pieces ,pieces are made from rectangles of paper with dimensions of 64/A4(3,6cm-2.7cm) . 
                  For this 3d origami model I use normal colored printer paper 80 g/sm paper thickness , european A4 paper format  with dimensions: 210mm wide and 297mm long.

   3d origami Shark :
3d origami shark

3d origami shark

Here you will find the tutorial :  3d origami shark tutorial 1
                                                      3d origami shark tutorial 2
                                                      3d origami shark tutorial 3
3d origami shark
3d origami shark
3d origami shark

    I hope you like my 3d origami model , please like and share .

                   I recommend you stick each piece of the model for it to resist in time and also I recommend that you to  protect the models from dust using either a window glass or plastic bell ,plastic bags…. Also another method to protect from dust is to use a  protective lacquer. This model is a very nice gift for special occasions

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